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NSW Animal Rescue Inc is

  • a not-for-profit organisation

  • has a NO KILL policy

  • and receives NO government funding

Our philosophy is giving life back to animals that would face certain death
through painful neglect, disease and illness. It is also about educating the
public about the responsibilities involved in raising and caring for an animal. 

We have been operating since early 2005 and have a dedicated shelter
on acreage in south western Sydney.

Our kennels are approved by the local council and can hold up to 150 dogs.

We run a Pregnant Paws program within our local community.

We care for small breed special needs dogs.  The special needs
dogs we take into our care are able to be rehomed after they have
had extensive & often expensive veterinary care.

NSWAR Bouncer

NSW Animal Rescue Inc. and the Community

As a charity within the community, our organisation is about community.
Our Rescue believes not just in helping animals, but also the owners of the
animals and the reaction of the community as a whole to the caring of
animals as family pets.

NSW Animal Rescue Inc is continually increasing its exposure within
the local community in the following ways:

Regular fundraising activities to help raise much needed funding.
The Rescue relies solely on its own fundraising efforts and does not
receive any government funding .

Low cost microchipping

Microchipping is essential in order to stop animals from being lost, ending
up in pounds and ultimately being destroyed if the owner can not be found. 
Desexing is mandatory for all animals brought into the Rescue, in order to
prevent unnecessary breeding and generation of further unwanted animals.

Placement of Companion Animals
NSW Animal Rescue will continue to donate suitable animals to nursing
homes as companion animals to the residents.  Animals may also be given at
little or no cost to certain individuals meeting the Rescue’s guidelines for
needing a companion animal. 

We operate a referral service for the elderly to keep their much
loved pets.  We are able to assist with the care of the animals by providing
some practical assistance.  We also offer suitable pets to the elderly at no cost. 
Currently this service is operating in selected areas of Sydney only and
conditions apply.

Public Education in the choosing and caring of
‘the right pet for the right person’

NSW Animal Rescue offers ongoing TAFE approved training in animal care
to all our staff.

NSWAR Charlie

Surrendering your Animal
We take a limited amount of private surrenders when available space
permits us to do so. 

We also rescue animals from pounds and shelters in Sydney, NSW. 
We rescue using our own clause 16(d) exemption issued to us by the
NSW Department of Local Government. 
We also take special needs animals from pounds around Australia.

NSW Animal Rescue Inc. was awarded the Cumberland Newspapers’
2006 & 2007 Business Achievers Awards for their services to the community. 
We were also the 2007 and 2008 winner of the national awards for
Dogs Life Magazine Best Local Animal Rescue.


NSW Animal Rescue

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